Affiliate Marketing

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”
– Henry Ford

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an innovative business partnership where a retailer engages market influencers to help advertise their products online. The retailer reaps huge profits as they penetrate new areas of their industry, and the affiliate partners receive a sales commission for their efforts.

A successful affiliate program can generate 15-30% of an advertiser’s online sales, so this tool is not one to be overlooked, especially if your online sales are stagnating.

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Publisher Recruitment

Change is the only constant.

You need experienced affiliate marketing management to keep your program on track, adapting to consumer demand each month and each year. Publishers rise, and publishers fall. Your top earner from last year might drop off the edge of the Earth next year. Informatics is constantly scouting exciting new affiliates, recruiting both inside and outside your Networking Platform. As we grow your program, elite publishers and rising stars seek us out for profitable partnerships.

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Publisher Coordination

The relationship is everything. Professional. Reliable. Results-driven. Informatics is experienced in successfully managing large networks of business associates. Constant communication keeps your needs on the front of the publishers’ minds. In return, they drive your sales into the stratosphere.

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Promotion Management

Affiliate marketing success can’t be tracked without clearly stated objectives. Sure, you want to increase sales, but you need to know what factors will grow a sustainable and profitable program. Our digital marketing agency is process driven and outcome obsessed. We are equipped to manage the ebbs and flows of your program while taking advantage of each sales cycle, setting measurable revenue, profitability, and performance goals throughout the year.

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