Branding and Identity

Image isn’t everything… but it’s close.

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Investigate & Communicate

Every Informatics digital marketing campaign begins with an exhaustive requirement-gathering process. We become experts in your business, its processes, your desired outcomes, and your audience before a holistic digital branding campaign is assembled.

Some agencies like to throw a bucket of ideas at the wall and see what sticks, but that sounds like a waste and a mess. Whether we are enhancing your current branding materials or executing a ground-up digital marketing strategy – building your website, creating blogs, email marketing, managing your social media, and more – we have a laser focus that attacks your desired market with power, precision, and specificity.

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Uniform Design

First impressions are formed in 50 milliseconds.

A full-service digital marketing agency, Informatics uses our in-house team of graphic designers, content creators, marketers, and development experts to make sure that each of your digital assets is a functioning cog in a smoothly running engine that drives toward your desired business outcomes. Your website will look like your emails, which has the voice of your blog, that gets traffic from your social channels.

Informatics is a unified team that rallies around unified strategies and unified design. We don’t piecemeal tasks out to freelancers and third-parties. Working together, on-site, we communicate constantly across departments, all so we can communicate your brand identity to the world at large.

Domain Expertise

Creating a brand identity that is consistent and recognizable marks you as a leader in your field. Gone are the days when you could self-publish a book, and POW!, customers would be floored with your accomplishments. Building a compelling brand identity in the digital age requires the creation and maintenance of a consistent flow of timely and valuable content.

Growing your influence over time, with blogs, emails, social posts, and an easy-to-use website creates an unbreakable bond of trust between you and your audience. They come to see you as a domain expert, and together you share something more than a series of transactions – you suddenly have a relationship.

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