SEO: the most powerful three letters since TNT.

The Informatics team plans SEO research
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Strategic Keyword Research

Twenty years ago (140 in Internet years) a marketer could seed a page with thousands of invisible keywords and shoot right to the top of a search engine results page. But Google, Bing, and other modern search engines have become much more sophisticated. The Google algorithm is estimated to be updated up to 600 times a year.

Our detailed SEO analysis uncovers the keywords that customers are using to find you and your competitors, with a focus on “winnable” searches that drive visitors to your site.

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Comprehensive Content

Knowing the most powerful keywords isn’t enough. Our SEO services include a comprehensive content overhaul, artfully embedding these powerful search terms in your content as part of a holistic digital marketing strategy. Compelling text and effective calls to action keep your site visible, functional, and profitable.

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Optimized HTML

Spiders aren’t as scary as you think. SEO optimization makes your site appealing for the automated bots that “crawl” the web, indexing information that ends up on search engine results pages. We create a comprehensive SEO strategy that enhances the content visitors see and the invisible code seen by the bots. Our spider-sense is tingling!

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Effective Social Strategy

Social media and SEO strategy must work together to keep your brand visible. Our full-service digital marketing agency integrates analytics and creativity to ensure that your social content is engaging, highly shareable, and drives traffic to your site.

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Custom Landing Pages

Expert SEO strategy goes beyond making your site visible. An experienced marketing agency creates custom landing pages that make it easy for your audience to take action. If you’re looking to collect emails, earn a share, get a like, or sell directly, Informatics is the SEO agency that knows how to motivate your audience.  

Additional Services