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Cross-Platform Editorial Calendars

Everything’s a nail to a hammer. It’s a good thing our digital marketing agency has screwdrivers, wrenches, and a box full of other tools at our disposal.

Our process begins with detailed requirement gathering. Who are you trying to reach? What specific measurable outcomes are you looking to achieve? Your social media marketing strategy will be honed to a diamond point, with content tailored specifically for your target audience. If you’re looking to cast the widest possible net, we’ll find your customers out of the 2 billion-plus users on Facebook. Millennials and celebrities? We’ll reach them on Twitter.

We combine some of the most creative minds in digital marketing with a practical structure that ensures your brand identity is communicated with clarity and consistency. Our cross-platform editorial calendars give clients a global view of their content strategy across multiple social channels with an eye towards re-purposing the most valuable and shareable material.

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Visual content receives 87% more engagement than posts that are just text

Focus on Imagery

The Facebook algorithm rewards visual posts. According to SproutSocial, visual content receives 87% more engagement than posts that are just text.

We have experienced filmmakers, photographers, and graphic designers on staff to give your social posts the visual pop they need to give you a social presence that can’t be ignored on any platform.

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Maintenance and Monitoring

Your business probably isn’t located under a bridge, but you still have to beware of trolls. As a full-service social media marketing agency, we offer extended social monitoring so you can sleep safe knowing that your online reputation remains protected. Your audience will be able to count on timely and professional responses that elevate your customer satisfaction levels to unprecedented heights.

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