“The soul never thinks without a picture.” - Aristotle

A panoramic landscape of mountains and trees
Headshot example of Barbara Hames of Hames Homes

Headshot Photography

Sometimes even the most discerning buyer can get lost when trying to compare one product with another. Particularly in the B2B world, we find that decisions often aren’t based on pricing or features. It’s the relationships that matter.

A professional headshot doesn’t just show what you look like, it expresses the core of who you are. It sets the tone for the persona of you and your business. In our studio or on location, Informatics can create a unique, consistent, and polished look for your corporate headshots.

A group of employees enjoys a break with snacks and drinks

Corporate Photography

Evocative photography is more than nouns – people, places and things. Our corporate photography captures feelings. What emotions do you want customers to associate with your products and services? How can we move them to act, to purchase, to transform from consumers into passionate brand advocates?

Our photographers dive deep into your business process, asking meaningful questions and providing strikingly visual answers.

An interior of a well lit restaurant
A man wears and weary yet hopeful expression as he rests after working on the 2008 Cedar Rapids flooding rebuilding effort

Portrait Photography

Lush lighting, customized backdrops, all meticulously controlled in our state-of-the-art studio – our portrait photography services will illuminate your best self.

If you need photos for business or private use, we have the equipment, knowledge, and personal touch to make you feel and look great.

A portrait of a business owner holding blueprint plans
A woman stands with her hands in her jacket pockets

Marth Stewart on stage at the IWLC event

Lifestyle Photography

Our studio has all the bells and whistles, but sometimes you need to capture the magic of people, places, and events as they exist in their natural elements.

Informatics’ media team offers award-winning photography services, telling your story with authenticity and immediacy while rising to the highest artistic standards.

A man leans against a nice sports car parked on a golf course with autumn colored trees in the distance
Vibrant timelapse of a street after the Cedar Rapids Flood

Additional Services