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Creativity, meet functionality. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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UI/UX Design

Making sure that visitors can navigate to the content they desire is the bare minimum of what you should expect from a web design firm. This low bar is how most development agencies would define User Experience (UX).

Informatics is passionate about curiosity. Click here. Scroll there. Explore. Your visitors will be desperate to see what happens next, delighting in your online environment, spending more time and more money on your products and services.

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Code Agnostic

Are you just dying to discuss the relative merits of PHP opposed to the benefits of .Net coding languages?

We didn’t think so (even though we are more than capable of having that conversation). We don’t waste our clients’ time with confusing tech-speak, and we don’t waste their money forcing square pegs into round holes. Since Informatics’ beginnings in 1998, a core belief has been that the best website design is the result of crafting business solutions specifically to the needs of each individual client. Our expert website builders have the flexibility to work in all industry-standard platforms and coding languages.

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Responsive Design

Worldwide mobile web use is on the rise, recently recorded at an all-time high of 52.2% of all internet traffic. If you can’t meet your customers where they are, when they need you, then you are sunk. Responsive web design is a promise, from us to you, that your website will adapt to every device your customers use.

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Intuitive Navigation

The Informatics process is defined by logic – identifying problems and inventing solutions. We apply rigorous logic to understanding what your customers want and need. Your web design is ruled by this devotion to ensuring that a visitor can seamlessly navigate from one high-value experience to another.

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Cutting-Edge Functionality

Responsive design with industry-leading load times, SEO optimized, and completely trackable - when it comes to web and mobile applications, our team of experienced developers doesn’t just follow trends, we set them.

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User Accessibility

We break the barriers that prevent your business from dominating its sphere. In doing so, we remove barriers to access, creating an inclusive environment that maintains full functionality when your site is used by people with disabilities.

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