User Experience

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What is UX?

User Experience, also known by the acronym “UX,” is the art of creating a functional architecture for your website.

An expert UX designer obliterates any obstacles keeping a visitor from getting their desired results on your site. The best UX designers are marrying a business’ objectives with the needs of the users, and that’s where Informatics arrives.

We discover your pain points through an exhaustive process of requirement-gathering, leading to creative solutions that drive the growth of your business.

We keep people on your website. Savvy online passengers are jumping off the ship when they encounter too many or poorly placed ads, when the content is old, and the navigation is clunky.

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What is UI?

User Interface and UX are some of the most frequently mixed-up terms in the world of business technology. So, what is User Interface, also known by the acronym UI? It’s the design counterpart to UX.

If people don’t like the look of your website on first glance, then you might never win them back. In a distracting world where we are constantly inundated with information, it only takes the gentlest nudge to knock someone’s attention off course.

We keep eyeballs on your site, so that users understand and love what you have to offer them. Our designers manage mood and create a sense of trust with bold imagery, seamless transitions, video, and visual touches that keep you modern while mitigating the risk of becoming dated. On trend without succumbing to trendiness, instead our UI team is focused on the most important task…

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Engaging and Converting

The definition of usability begins and ends with this question: how easy is it for a visitor to get what they’re looking for from a website or mobile app? Our designers limit the distance between desire and goal. We use undeniable calls to action. We understand your business, and we understand how that translates to a profitable online persona.

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